About Woke! ID

The term “woke” relates to an activism that was happening in the United States circa 2016 – 2017, and it means that you are ready for action. We hope we have passed the stage of just waking up to how beautiful Islam is, and are ready to implement its values for our self-development.


Our vision is to become the go-to community and a safe platform for Muslims who want to integrate their Islamic knowledge and self-development. We know that being a woke Muslim is not an easy journey, and we hope to be each other’s support system as well as accountability partner.


Our mission is to provide a safe place and platform through our event series, where Muslims who want to integrate their Islamic knowledge and self-development can be in a nurturing and collaborative environment to discuss their struggles, learning process, and spiritual journeys.

Our Event Series

To reach our mission, we have prepared a number of community events with different types of activities.

Focused on sharing and listening to lessons we learned from books we have read.

Focused on travel and contribution, a perfect mix of exploratory and meaningful experience.

Focused on learning from an expert in a workshop format to enable practical implementation.

Focused on skill-transfer among community members. Enhance your public speaking skills here.

Focused on charity activities, sharpening your social justice sense and putting ideals into actions.


Woke.ID is founded by three good friends who share a common passion for Islamic knowledge and self-development.


Aulia Ulfah


Aulia is the right brain lady of the team. Intuitive ideas and creative concepts are her forte.

Photo from Melita Rahmalia

Dewi Mayangsari


Dewi is the main decision maker of the team, decisive and strategic in setting direction and standard.

Melita Founder Photo

Melita Rahmalia


Melita is the social and left brain lady. Naturally, she handles languages and operational matters.

Management Board


Litia has been working in various events with the founders for some years before joining Woke! Now, she is assisting Melita in operational matters. She makes sure that everything is done orderly and smoothly, and her commitment and calmness under pressure is a sure asset for the team.

Litia Pratiningrum


Citra's commitment in charity and learning the religion has been a truly motivating force in her life. Citra also assists Melita in operational matters.

Citra Kusumawardhani


Farah's adorable and cheeky personality belies a deeply intellectual girl with a strong passion to contribute to her religion. She also handles operational matters assisting Melita.

Farah Maulida


With her vast network, as well as community activism and organizational experience, Atty assists Melita in handling operational matters.

Atty Supraba