Sunday Night Out with Refugees

In Ramadan 2018, Woke! had finished the Dates & Delight program that we called “Sunday Night Out with Refugees” in Kalideres, West Jakarta, in cooperation with Selasih Foundation and supported by a total of 33 volunteers (25 volunteers from Woke! and 8 volunteers from Selasih).

We met hundred of refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia consisting of young men and women, children and even babies. Their dire living situation warrants the kind of help that we strive to give them, and we hope for the Selasih’s efforts to make an impact and help them to be successful. We collected funds to the amount of Rp. 22,039,800. The funds we used for the following, among others: (i) a package of Kebuli rice with chicken as iftaar dinner for 330 people; (ii) ta’jil package for 330 people; (iii) water, biscuit and milk; (iv) baby food; (v) menstruation pad; (vi) soap, shampoo, detergents, toothpaste, toothbrush; (vi) instant noodles; and (vii) rice.
We also has transferred some late donations that came in after the event directly to Selasih Foundation, which had ben used to fund medical help for the refugees who need health aids.
Certainly, the refugees and the foundation found the help very beneficial and they were ecstatic about receiving it.
We are extremely grateful that Allah has inspired us to do this program, and couldn’t have done it without the support and help of our volunteers and donors. We pray that each volunteer and donor will be blessed with plenty of terrific rewards from Allah that are uniquely suited to their needs and wants. We hope that the deeds can be accepted by Allah and that He forgives us for any mistakes that we have done during this deeds.


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