Be a Hero for Your Life: Get Productive

Be a Hero for Your Life: Get Productive


Assalammu’alaikum, hi Woke people!

OMG, time flies so fast! We reached the 14th session Alhamdulillah!! For those who didn’t attend the book club, no worries because we prepare the summary for you guys. Here you go!

In this session, we discussed about productivity. What is productivity? How important to be productive? Whether Islam encourages us to be productive? And many more. There are couple of recommended books that we discussed, among others:

1. The Productive Muslim by Mohammed Faris

2. The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

3. Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

4. Psychologies Real Focus by Psychologies Magazine

5. What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

Productivity concept

Productivity is about (i) time management; (ii) energy management; (iii) and focus management. In order to be productive, we have to pay attention to our mind, body and soul and get the balance right between those three. We can’t be productive if our mind is weak, or we don’t have time and energy to accomplish certain tasks. So, it is important to fulfill the rights of our mind, body and soul.

What does Islam say about being productive?

Islam is the religion that encourages its followers to be productive. There are couple of verses in the Qur’an that related to be productive, among others:

1. And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me. (QS 51:56)

2. And when your Lord said to the angels: I am making a caliph on the Earth. They said: Are You making therein one who corrupts it and sheds blood, while we hymn Your praise and sanctify You? He said: Surely I know that which you do not know. (QS 2: 30).

The above verses show that our ultimate goal is to worship Allah. Worshipping is not only about praying, fasting or psying zakat but more than that, which includes any good deeds. Remember, all good things that we do with the intention to please Allah will be rewarded by Allah; even when we’re sleeping, if the intention is to please Allah, then we will get the reward inshaa Allah. Acceptance that we are the slave of Allah is the bases of our productivity as a Muslim. If we knew our ultimate purposes in life, we will not waste our time for any trivial matters.

Tips to be productive

1. Having a purpose. This is a paramount to be productive. Tips: Get your intention and purpose clear. Why am I doing this? Etc.

2. Having value that can help us to apply the highest standards and help maintaining moral integrity. Tips: develop God consciousness.

3. Soul guides productivity. We need to nourish our soul by praying, fasting, etc. If you believe in the Hereafter, your logical sense must be in line with your productivity because you’re aiming to get the best version of yourself and achieving the maximum rewards.

4. Plan ahead. Tips: Set weekly and daily plan, set out what you want to achieve. 

5. Know your priorities and focus your energy and attention on what you need to focus. The research stated that we can only focus on 3 things daily. To know your focus, you need to know your priority in life. Tips: 20/80 rule. Identify the most important task. Set 20% of your highest impact task, then do it. Do the lowest 80% lowest impact task later.

6. Make a to-do-list. It is important to help your brain: a to do list helps act as your “second brain”. You make 1 decision every day to do what you want or need to do, and then just work from the to-do list.

7. Get motivated. As a Muslim, we should set our motivation is just to please Allah. When you’re doing any works, ask yourself “whether this will please my Lord?”

8. Identify your “biological primetime” to get the best focus and result. How do you know your biological primetime? To identify biological primetime:
In 1 week, note down the time you have the most focus, energy and attention (without caffeine) – Note: This is different for everyone. So, during your biological primetime: focus on the highest impact tasks, do your lowest impact tasks later after you’ve done your highest impact tasks.

9. Pay attention also to fun tasks, self-care, and your leisure time, and incorporate that into your daily life.

10. Regain control of your brain!!! – Chris Bailey

How to combat procrastination?

If you procrastinate, determine the reasons, and then you can find the solution:

1. Lacking personal meaning? –>  Look for justification that will create personal meaning for you

2. Lacking in intrinsic rewards?  –> Create your own rewards that is meaningful for you

3. Boring? –>Find an interesting café over fancy drinks while doing people watching

4. Unstructured? –> Create your own steps

5. Difficult? –> Do it during your prime time

One of the ways to combat procrastination:

Think about yourself in the future: don’t give yourself a reason to suffer in the future because of what you are doing in the present. Think about your future self and make yourself proud in the future! Energize and visualize your future self being happy and proud of what you are doing now – maybe a write a letter to yourself!

Procrastination is also related to the focus robbers, which are:

1. Victim mentality

2. Overcommitting (Do not always commit everyone)

3. Telling yourself untruths

4. Perfectionism

5. Trying to do everything yourself. Could you imagine Steve Jobs worrying about the logistics, or about the parking or the stationery? No. He played to his strengths and let everybody else do the stuff they are good at.

6. Not taking breaks. Don’t assume that working longer is working better because it very often isn’t.

7. Not scheduling things that need to happen.

8. Confusing busyness with productivity. It’s very easy to be busy, to be constantly doing things, but much harder to be productive; and we often fill our time with trivial things when we’re overwhelmed because the effort it takes to really achieve things seems all too much effort.

9. People pleasing

10. Not being realistic

Recommended apps to stay productive

Foster, Omni Focus, Yawme. You can get these from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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