Woke ID Blog Writing Guideline

Hey woke people! Wokeid.com accepts submissions for blog posts from any writers passionate about the topics we talk about. Please kindly read the blog writing guideline below. We look forward to read your submissions and cannot wait to publish it!

  1. The blog post can be written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, whichever language you feel most comfortable in.
  2. The length of the blog post need to be around 450 words to 800 words, plus or minus 10 % is definitely OK or around that is alright. BUT nothing under 300 words, and nothing more than 1000 words.
  3. Please use writing style that can be easily read and understood by general public. Avoid using terms that might be hard to understand.
  4. Your blog post should have some of the following values and feel and aim to be:
    • Inspiring,
    • delighting,
    • eyes/mind opening,
    • emotional,
    • contain good and/or important reminders,
    • entertaining, uplifting, optimistic,
    • contain valuable information,
    • practical and relevant to the lives of Woke.id Readers.
  5. The blog post topic needs to match Woke.id themes and focus. The following is okay:
    • Any topics from BBC, or any of our events
    • Book review / summary and travel tips
    • Islamic knowledge topics
    • Self-development concept, tricks, tips
    • Personal experience, tips and tricks and sharing regarding your experience of studying Islamic knowledge and bettering yourself as a more optimal human being.
    • Anything else that lies outside point a to e, you will need to check with our Team.
  6. No copy paste writing, no translated writing. Original only please.
  7. Please kindly source any reference you got from any other writing
  8. Please kindly use high resolution photos. Some of the free stocks photos you can search at : Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, etc (you can google “Free stock photos websites” in Google). Don’t use photos that have watermark. Don’t use photos from random Google search (unless you provide the sources). Don’t use photos with pixelated appearance or blurry appearance.
  9. Send your blog post draft along with the accompanying photos so we know where to put the photos in relation to your article, and your photo files separately in .JPEG or .PNG file format. Do not just send the photos inside the Word document.
  10. Click Submit an Article button below and send it to us!
  11. We reserve any right to edit the piece as we see necessary as long as it doesn’t change what you want to say. We will notify you if your blog post draft is published!